Frequently Asked Questions

How many emergency contacts do I have to add?

We recommend 3 emergency contacts.

How many minutes should I set my timer for?

We have it preset at 45 minutes so you do not accidentally call your emergency contacts. You can change the timer to any amount of minutes you feel is enough for you to have plenty of time to show a property. My average showings are 15 minutes so I recommend the timer be set at minimum of 30 minutes. The APP will remind you via text message 5 minutes prior to sending your emergency contact an alert.

What if my phone is taken from me during an assault?

As long as you “created the showing” by pressing the create showing button, your location and emergency contacts will be notified of where you are and who you are with. It is always recommended that you enter the name and phone number of your client and “create showing” prior to getting out of your car.

What if I have multiple showings with same client?
The SafeShowings APP will save the secure image of the client’s face so you only need to capture it once. We recommend you keep your timer going by pressing the reset button after you finish each showing. Each time you press the reset timer, the SafeShowings APP will update your location.
How do I ask to take an image of the client's face?
We have found that if you simply say “the homeowner has requested that we have a record of every person entering their home” or “my company requires I have a record of who I am with while showing properties,” until it becomes mandated, policy, or law.