Realtors use social media to attract buyers and this unfortunately can also attract a predator. We live in a world that has created an easy environment to target people using technology. Criminals use technology to choose victims, yet technology is an integral part of marketing and communication efforts. Here are just a few tips to consider:

  • Keep business separate from your personal account with tight privacy settings. Have separate personal and professional pages, if practical.
  • Be aware. Really dig deep to understand who is sending you friend requests. There are instances of fake accounts made by predators targeting realtors.
  • Keep your passwords secure. For example, if you talk about your dog on social media – do not use its name as the answer to your security question.
  • Do not post about your habits (i.e. “I come here everyday for my favorite latte”).

Lastly, use technology to your advantage. SafeShowings is available to track who you were with, at the exact GPS location. It will then send a distress call to your contact list, plus many more features. Learn more about important safety tips.